Who we are

thumbnailAt liteLOGIX we have over 15 years experience in the lighting industry providing engineering services as well as designing and installing all types of energy efficient lighting systems. Our company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with the abilities to support a nationwide customer base.

We employ an extensive range of energy-related technologies and are dedicated to working with clients to reduce their usage of electricity by replacing inefficient operating systems with highly efficient environmentally friendly systems. liteLOGIX has the capabilities that will provide the most energy efficient systems and designs. Quick return on investment and huge savings go unmatched compared to any other energy providers.

liteLOGIX designs and markets energy efficient lighting systems that employ any combination of electronic ballast, retrofit kits, and new fixtures if needed  for Municipalities, Educational Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Retail Facilities, Commercial Facilities, and Industrial Facilities.

Energy Efficiency should be the first step in attaining a true renewable energy solution, because no matter what we come up with, we're going to have to reduce the demand first.

"Because no matter what we come up with, we're going to have to reduce the demand first."

A building's lighting system is both a dominant consumer of electrical energy and a major source of internal heat. In the United States about one-quarter of the electricity budget is spent on lighting, or more than $40 billion annually.

Smart Steps


Determine your building's lighting efficiency by contacting liteLOGIX today for your on-site energy audit.
Provide your representative with your objectives for your GREEN lighting goal.
A liteLOGIX representative will sit down with you shortly after the audit and review the measures that can be implemented at your facility to meet your objectives.